As passionate Business Events industry professionals, we aspire to create an independent, impartial and inclusive expert network to drive the collaboration of all involved industry stakeholders within the public, academic and commercial sectors. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we will contribute to the development of a professional Business Events environment, as a tool for economic recovery and transformation in Slovakia and in Europe.


AUDITE – Listen.

Firstly, we need to get familiar with your background, values, actual situation and challenges to assess chances in reaching your full potential. We listen to you, but also to your business partners, stakeholders, clients or employees as Business Events are a complex and rapidly changing environment.


Our main assets are the multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral, international viewpoint, a professional 360°-degree perspective, extensive experience, and last but not least, our passion for the Business Events Industry. Our thinking process delivers strategic road map and tangible actions. This is also the point where we come back to you and make the commitment to guide you throughout the whole journey.


Back to action. Strategic plans and valuable know-how are great to have, but unless you start performing the day-to-day steps, changes are still only superficial. Our work does not end by handing over the manual, we provide education, facilitate industry networking sessions and support you with strategic decisions. You may reach out to us anytime while pursuing your full potential through Business Events.


The ACF delivers its consultancy services in the field of Business Events for all industry stakeholders, both in the private and public sector.

The ACF portfolio of competences and skills includes, among others,

  • the delivery of solutions generating added value for the industry development in a destination,
  • the elaboration of strategic materials and concepts for the recovery and transformation of the industry,
  • the preparation and delivery of education programmes,
  • the consulting and advisory in strategic and tactical topics and matters related to the industry (e.g., competitiveness assessment, place branding tool sets, etc.),
  • the research, data collection and analytical activities in the industry
  • the support in the procurement process and the management of business opportunities.



We are the Thought Leadership Hub for the European Business Events Industry.

Henrik's CV

Henrik von Arnold
Founding Partner
Nina's CV

Nina Erneker
Founding Partner
Ivo's CV

Ivo Franschitz
Founding Partner
Romana's CV

Romana Klukova
Founding Partner
Henrik's CV

Henrik von Arnold
Founding Partner
Nina's CV

Nina Erneker
Founding Partner
Ivo's CV

Ivo Franschitz
Founding Partner
Romana's CV

Romana Klukova
Founding Partner


Ivo Franschitz & Henrik von Arnold


Consulting Services by order of destinations and/or venues:

  • Riga Concert & Conference Center, Latvia – creation of “Business/Market-relevant” catalogue of criteria as part of the architectural competition and finalists evaluation
  • Azerbaijan Tourism Board – continuous advisory in creating a professional Azerbaijan Convention Bureau
  • Georgia National Tourist Authority & Georgian Convention Bureau – creation and development of destination business events strategy and implementation support
  • ICCA – Scandinavian chapter – created, developed and managed a thought leader project about the future business events industry in Scandinavia
  • Porto Exhibition Centre, Portugal – market trend and needs analyses for the planned renovation
  • Prešov Region, Slovakia – educational destination development workshop

Custom-designed Workshops & Educational Trainings by order of Convention bureaux, Tourism organizations and international BE associations (e.g. ICCA, PCMA):

  • Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Brazil

Project-related Expert Engagements by order of Convention bureaux & Tourism organizations:

  • Argentina / Keynote and Speaking partner to five Argentinian Convention Bureaux
  • Poland / Part of an advisory board making use of the UEFA 2012
  • Riga / Keynote and Speaking partner for the Meet Riga organization
  • Serbia / Part of an educational expert team for the setup of Serbian Convention Bureau
  • Russia / Keynote and Speaking partner for the Russian Convention Bureau
  • Sweden / various projects – research & identification of potential association clients, regional understanding of the importance of the Business Events Industry, feasibilty study for creation of Swedish National Convention Bureau

Nina Erneker

  • March 2021, Analyses of socio-economic effects of Tourism in Bratislava,
    Client: Bratislava Tourist Board, the official DMO of the Capital of Slovakia
    Involvement: co-author, professional consultant for Business Events part
  • September 2021, Economic Development and Social Development Program for Bratislava,
    Client: The Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava (MIB), conceptual institute dedicated to architecture, land-use planning, participation and strategic planning.
    Involvement: co-author responsible for Tourism and Business Events Development part
  • February 2021, launch of a professional blog dedicated to Business Events in Slovakia
  • 2016–2020, Head of Bratislava Convention Bureau, dept. of Bratislava Tourist Board
    Responsible for development and execution of long-term communication and business development strategy for Bratislava as a Business Event destination. Co-author and project leader of various projects, among others the CRM implementation, creation and communication of a new USP and a sub-brand called Bratislava Motor City, development of Sector Analysis for Business Leads in Association Business, series of 12 educational and networking events called Bratislava MICE Days.

Romana Klukova


Senior Project Manager

  • Over 8 years’ experience in international conference & event organization in various sectors across from medium to large meetings including whole business event management – from concept to delivery. Experienced in organizing in-person, virtual and hybrid meetings.
  • Promotional strategies of business meetings for bidding/hosting destinations. Ensuring promotion and cross-promotion of business events held in Slovakia & Czech Republic in abroad – Europe, Middle East, North America.
  • Graduated from University of Business in Prague, Czech Republic – Management of tourism. Encouraged in sustainable development projects in rural areas of Slovak & Czech Republic.

Exceptional projects

  • INTERSPEECH 2021, August 30 – September 3, Brno, Czech Republic (Hybrid meeting, international 1700 participants)
    Client: ISCA. International Speech and Communication Association
  • The 50th INTERNATIONAL CHEMISTRY OLYMPIAD, July 19–28, 2018, Slovakia & Czech Republic
    Client: Comenius University in Bratislava & University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
    Study case
  • The 44–47th EDTNA/ERCA International Conferences, Dresden 2014, Valencia 2015, Krakow 2016, Genoa 2017
    Client: The European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/European Renal Care Association

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The Thought Leadership Hub for the European Business Events Industry

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